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Body Slimming Cream Skin Firming Lifting Tighten Inject Gel For Beauty Machine Fat Burner Ultrasonic Massage RF Cavitation

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Ultrasonic Massage RF Cavitation Body Slimming Cream Skin Firming Lifting Tighten Inject Gel For Beauty Machine Fat Burner 300ml

Auxiliary Function: Please use it with beauty equipment

  • Slimming

  • Eliminate fat

  • Fat burning


This Jelly contains many kinds of natural herbal connectrate and highgrade collagen and it is specially used to the race body aesthetie appliance.

Spread and cleansed easily, it can maintain good electric contact between the pads and the theskin surface and make the energy pass easily.

And else, the humidity preservation agent and the collagen protein in the medium can prevent the skin from dry and allergy.

Direction for use: Lay small amount on the pad and distribute them regule.arly.cleansing the pad and the skin with tissue after the treatment.

Suit for: This medium is speeially used the race body aethetic appliane.

Body Shaping Slimming Beauty Essence Importer Special Gel

Ingredient: Natural plant extractable fruit (KOLA) extract, Collagen, Seaweed cellulite, Active yeast extract, etc.

Specification: 300ml/300g

Size: 5*19.8cm

Features and effects: Can penetrate into the subcutaneous tissue layer, Promote the heat production process of adipose tissue, Inhibit the synthesis and storage of fat, Decompose excess fat into fatty acids and excreted from the body. After use, there is a clear feeling of tightening. Leaves skin firmer, Improve sagging and loose meat to achieve slimming effect.

Uses: For ultrasonic shaping fat melting instrument, slimming beauty instrument, etc.

Usage: Take appropriate amount of rubbing on the need to slim down, and while rubbing while massage to promote absorption, do not need tactics, small circle massage, or with ultrasound, clean after 20 minutes.

Quantity: 1 Piece

Packaging: Packed by safety bubble bag


1.Suitable for all skin type, Universal.

2. Refreshing lotion texture, clear and radiant, easy to absorb, moisturizing, to help you shape graceful posture.

3. Easy to carry

4. Large Net Weight

How To Use:

Take a proper amount of rubbing on the body where you need to slim down, and massage while rubbing to promote absorption, massage in a small circle, or use with ultrasound, clean after 20 minutes.

Scope of Application:

1.All kinds of importers, ultra-micro wave instruments, radio frequency meters, importers, etc.;

2.Electric wave skin / microwave / small bubble / hot maggie / opt hair removal instrument;

3.Ultrasonic, ultrasonic, shanghe instruments and other nutrient introduction instruments are used together;

4.A variety of thermal energy output and control head and indrared series of instruments can be used together;

5.Beauty salons, home can be used.

Kindly Notices:

1) The parcel will comes NO Retail Box, but please don’t worry, we will pack it well before it sent out, thank you for your kind understanding;

2) Due to the different monitor and light effect,the actual color maybe a slight different from the picture color.

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