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Man Women Magnetic Therapy Massage Insoles Weight Loss Acupressure Promote Blood Circulation Transparent Shoe Sole Pads Gifts

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Care knowledge: Foot has a total of 26 bones, 19 muscles, 33 joints, more than 50 ligaments, more than 500,000 blood vessels and more than 40,000 sweat glands. In addition to supporting the weight of the whole body and walking, foot also has the important role of helping the heart to work and play the second heart of the human body. The aging of human beings begins with the foot. The importance of the foot for the human body can be seen. Massage and stimulate the acupuncture points on the sole of the foot for each acupuncture point and reflex zone of the human foot. Function: Comfortable massage effect. Reduce muscle pain and pain, relieve stress. Many massage points effectively massage the feet. Magnetic massage for the feet can promote blood circulation. Absorbing the heat, urging the material erased from the blood vessel, such as calcium, lactic acid, uric acid excrete out quickly. Circulate your blood with fluidity. Strengthen health and resist abuse. Perfect for all ages and both men and women. Cutable. Reusable, easy to clean. Can be cut to your perfect size. Color:Blue,Transparent. Package: 1 pairs of magnetic templates.

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