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Soumit Magnetic Therapy Massage Insoles for Men Women Weight Loss Promote Blood Circulation Foot Magnet Health Care Shoe Pads

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Care knowledge:
Foot has a total of 26 bones, 19 muscles, 33 joints, more than 50 ligaments, more than 500,000 blood vessels and more than 40,000 sweat glands.
In addition to supporting the weight of the whole body and walking, foot also has the important role of helping the heart to work and play the second heart of the human body.
The aging of human beings begins with the foot. The importance of the foot for the human body can be seen.
Massage and stimulate the acupuncture points on the sole of the foot for each acupuncture point and reflex zone of the human foot

Comfortable massage effect
Reduce muscle pain and pain, relieve stress
Many massage points effectively massage the feet
Magnetic massage for the feet can promote blood circulation
Absorbing the heat, urging the material erased from the blood vessel, such as calcium, lactic acid, uric acid excrete out quickly
Circulate your blood with fluidity
Strengthen health and resist abuse
Perfect for all ages and both men and women. Cutable
Reusable, easy to clean

S EU (35-40),length 24.5CM
L EU (40-45),length 27CM

1 pairs of magnetic insole

About magnet massage insoles

The magnet physiotherapy insole is made of bionic magnet. Our feet soles are has inportant acupuncture points link to our body of other part.The magnetic lines generated by these health care magnets stimulate the acupuncture points on our feet soles. Which can promote blood circulation, relieve muscle soreness and promote metabolism of the body.

At the same time, foot massage can promote fat burning. The effect of burning fat and slimming. According to the ergonomics and movement principle, the cushion is placed on the bottom of the foot, which can protect the foot well during walking and movement. The magnet physiotherapy insole conforms to the ergonomics and kinematics principle. It is applied to the human affected area or related acupoints with a certain intensity of magnetic field.

In the traditional medicine, magnetism has long been used to treat diseases. From the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the magnet can replenish the kidney. The magnetism re-enters the kidney, can cure kidney deficiency and asthma, and can also absorb the latent yang, traffic heart and kidney to treat insomnia, convulsions and other symptoms. The human body receives the magnetic field effect through the skin, nerves, gastrointestinal tract, bones and joints, and produces certain curative effects with health care, physiotherapy and the like. This magnetic health care insole has the dual effects of negative ions and far infrared rays. It can improve the blood circulation of the foot, neutralize the acidic substances produced by sweat, inhibit bacteria and deodorize, eliminate inflammation and relieve itching, eliminate pain and numbness of the soles of the feet, sweat on the feet, athlete’s foot, foot odor, dry feet and feet, frostbite, by the feet Caused by calf cramps, abdominal pain, abdominal distension, etc. have a role in promoting rehabilitation.

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